Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac To Capture Streaming Online Videos On Mac

The virtual world is full of great online live streaming videos. There are informative webinars, amazing travel shows and many other awesome videos packed with grand entertainment. Now, you have to online always to catch these videos live as there is no question of repeat telecast here. But, it’s a busy world today and your packed schedule might not always allow you to catch these videos live. So, is there any way to enjoy them even while you are offline? The answer is Yes and you have screen recording software solutions like Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac today that are meant to record the live streaming videos which would be saved in your Mac device- so that you can watch them anytime without worrying about the internet connection.

The Movavi product is one of the most popular names when you are looking to know how to screen capture on Mac. Now, it’s only natural that you would love to know further about the Movavi screen recording software and here is a short review on Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

First of all, the Movavi product is a breeze to use. There is no need to learn any perplex technical skills here and its user-friendly interface can be easily operated by anybody with primary computing know-how. Then, the Movavi software will allow you to capture the video as per your preferred frame rate and recording area. In case you want to record the video in full resolution, you can choose 60 fps and if your Mac device is short of space, you can easily lessen the fps. The Movavi program even allows you to adjust the volume while capturing the audio part with the video.

A great bit about the Movavi software is that the users here are able to set the recording duration. You won’t have to leave everything and sit before your laptop as the program records the video. Just set your desired recording time limit on the timer and it would stop automatically as it reaches the climax. The Movavi program is even backed by a great host of editing functions. You will be able to trim out the unnecessary parts from the video, apply special effects as well as add subtitles and background. It also supports enhancement of video quality through correction filters.

Besides, the Movavi users can transfer the recorded video in any popular video and mobile phone format.