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Digital marketing trends no one should ignore in 2019

Like any field, things keep changing in Digital marketing too. Technological advancements have only made these changes quickly. Gone are the days when digital marketing was all about making an online presence. It has now become a mean to influence consumers at the same time generate a lead for higher ROI. Having said that, the year 2019 is already here and it would be interesting to see how things in digital marketing change. What are those hot trends that will dominate the digital marketing domain? What are those aspects of internet marketing that any digital marketing company in Indore should not ignore? Here is a list:

Artificial Intelligence:

AI, Machine Learning, Data Science are a few great things that have happened to digital marketing. Though these technologies are at their nascent stage, they have already left a huge impact on marketing. With AI, it has made it much easier for brands & digital marketing services providers to offer personalized services and user experience to their customers. Through AI technology, a brand can easily study consumer behavior through their past activities and predict their next move. Given the huge potential, AI has, over 61 % of companies have already implemented the technology. The figure would only rise further within a few years.

Influencers Hold The Key To The Door Of Sales:

When it comes to marketing, influencers always play a crucial role in boosting a brand’s awareness. Alike in tradition marketing, influencers play an important role to attract the targeted audience in digital marketing as well.  Social media platforms have made it easier for people to network and create a community of their own. They have at the same time made influencer marketing more evolved and dynamic. Now you do not necessarily need to pitch hot-shot celebrity to endorse your brand or products. Bloggers, VC bloggers, Instagrammers can do that for you. Since these are people amongst the people, others find it easier to connect to them. We all know how reviews, consumer feedback, and UX affect user choice. In such a scenario, it makes sense to ask common people who have a good influence on their followers to endorse the brand.

Chatbots will do most of the talking:

AI and Machine learning have left a huge impact on digital marketing. In today’s age and time, customer experience plays a critical role in building a brand’s reputation. AI has helped the brand in offering their consumers higher user experience through Chatbots. Although the technology is around for only 2 years, it is to grow bigger and better. Chatbots are AI-enabled technology that is capable of conversing with customers and resolve their queries without human intervention. They are programmed to initiate real-time conversation with customers over various social media platforms and messaging apps. Given how accurate, instant and apt they are at responding to consumers, its popularity and usage are increasing. Moreover, technological advancements have made them more human-like so that they can offer users a personalized experience.